• Magic Coal

    Magic Coal

    Rs. 100.00
  • Silicon Hookah Chillum

    Silicon Chillum

    Silicon chillum cocoyayaDo you keep on breaking you chillums all the time? Don’t worry we have Cocoyaya’s Silicon Chillum as your saviour. It’s super easy to clean and have a lasting effect on the flavour too. It will smoothen the experience for Hookah Lovers.

    Rs. 185.00
  • Small Hookah Coal Burner

    Small Hookah Coal Burner

    Small hookah coal burner   It is a 500 watts coil hot plate which makes it easy to burn coal. Diametre - 110mm Size - 13.5x13.5x6.5cm White Colour 5 Level Heating Button

    Rs. 995.00
  • Hookah mouth Filters

    Hookah Mouth Filter 10Pcs

    Hookah mouth filter 10pcs:Do you also feel the long mouth filters are fancier?Then buy our packet of 10pcs today and enjoy a Hookah with all your friends and have a fancy and colourful long hookah mouth filter just for yourself.

    Rs. 50.00
  • Silicon Smoker Ring

    Bongchie Perfect Silicon Smoker Ring

    Smoking cigarette always leaves your fingers ashy and smelling like nicotine and turn yellow by the time. This smoking ring can be very good to avoid these troubles; Package included: 1Pc Silicone Cigarette holder

    Rs. 99.00
  • Chillum Ring hookah

    Chillum Ring hookah

    Chillum ring is like a moderator between the coal and the chillum. It regulates the heat of the coal to Hookah. All you have to do is, place it over the foil chillum and keep the coal on the ring. This little step will burn your coal more efficiently and will cause your flavour to go longer

    Rs. 150.00
  • Mya Bijou Hookah

    Mya Bijou Hookah

    MYA Bijou Hookah Known for its Egyptian style and compact design, Bijou is popular as home and travel hookah. What makes it so Egyptian? The hieroglyphics on the solid coloured glass base.It is 9 inches tall and weighs less than a KG.This package also consists of – the black matte stem, matching coloured pipe and chillum, plate, tongs and grommets. Colours – Grey, Dark Blue, Olive Green, Amber & Sky Blue

    Rs. 2,000.00 Sold Out
  • MYA Heavy Qt 14 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA Heavy Qt 14 Inch Glass Hookah

    Mya heavy qt 14 inch glass hookahIt is known in the range for being a beautiful Hookah popular in home décor as well as for a rich smoke. It is 14 inches tall and has a well carved thick glass base in various colours like sky blue, olive green, amber, grey, dark blue and light purple.This package consists of:Aluminium stem, fancy glass base, plate, tongs, Ceramic chillum/bowl, matching wooden tip pipe and grommets

    Rs. 2,650.00 Sold Out
  • Digital Pocket Scale

    Digital Pocket Scale

    Electronic Weighting Scale 200g/0.1g Pocket Precision Digital Digital Balance Pocket Weighing Jewelry Electronic LCD Scale Gram This electronic pocket scale is perfect for any small item that you can think of.  It has a "tare" feature, which can set the weight to "zero" after putting a pan on the scale The flip-open cover protects the stainless steel weighing platform when the scale is not in use. The bright LCD display makes it very easy to read in the dark. The pocket scale that you are bidding for comes in Black color. * Operation Manual is included. * Powder can be weighed accu...

    Rs. 399.00 Sold Out
  • MYA Petite 100% Authentic

    MYA Petite 100% Authentic

    MYA petite 100% authenticMYA Petite – a small, sturdy and classic Hookah. MYA Assorted Petite Hookah Color : Assorted Material : Glass Accessories with this product as Shown in Picture : -1 Pcs Of Hookah Pipe(1.77 meter)            -1 Pcs Of Clay Chillum of 50 mm Dimensions are : -Length : 8 Inch -Chillum Size : 50 mm -Weight : 790 gm UseFul Accessories With This Hookah are : -Hookah Flavour - Hookah Foil -Foil Puncher -Hookah Coal -Hookah Chillum

    Rs. 2,100.00 Sold Out
  • Cocoyaya Coconut Coal 250gm box

    Coconut Coal 250Gm

    Coconut coalCoconut shell charcoal by Cocayaya is the most favourable for any Hookah. This packet has 18 cubes (250gms). It is easy to burn and less ashy coal.

    Rs. 230.00 Sold Out
  • Cocoyaya VIP Magic Coal

    Magic Vip Coal

    Magic VIP coalMagic coal needs no description, it is the most convenient and quick burn. It has 10 pcs in one pack. Do ensure that you let the coal burn and turn to orange on the sides before you place it on top of your chillum to enjoy a nice Hookah.  

    Rs. 150.00 Sold Out
  • Big Coal Burner

    Big Coal Burner

    Are you having a party and you are afraid that it would be difficult to burn coal quickly for all the shishaas?Don’t be afraid, our Hookah Coal Burner by Shisha 360 will do it all. It is an electronic burner, it is quick and has a rubber handle for convenience. Order it now for your big party.

    Rs. 1,500.00 Sold Out
  • Hookah Starter Small

    Hookah Starter Small

    Hookah starter small:Every hookah lover would comment that starting a hookah is a pain. That’s what Hookah Starter is for. It will save you a lot of time, effort and the bad taste you experience while starting a hookah. This small device will do it for you in seconds. It works for any hookah style. It’s handy and safe to use. 

    Rs. 725.00 Sold Out
  • Hookah Starter Big - Rechargeable Pump

    Hookah Starter Big - Rechargeable Pump

    Hookah starter big – rechargeable pump:It is an electric hookah starter, best suited for big parties and shisha enthusiasts. It gets really nasty to start many hookah’s at a go, this rechargeable hookah starter with its 3 different extensions, has it all covered.

    Rs. 1,300.00 Sold Out
  • Mya Minion

    Mya Minion

    It is the big brother of MYA Minionette. MYA believes in the ability to build your one-of-a-kind personal hookah and MYA Minion is that Hookah. It is 7 inches tall and weighs less than a KG and has a pretty solid glass base.  It also consists of a stem, a divot in the down tube for better smoke and bubbles, burner, plate, tongs, and matching coloured pipe for added looks. Colours- Amber, Clear, Dark Aqua, Dark Blue, Grey, Light Purple, Olive Green and Sky Blue.

    Rs. 2,100.00 Sold Out
  • MYA QT Hookah

    Mya Qt

    MYA QT is an economical hookah with a very good make. Its compact size and shape makes it a very good option for travelers and home smokers.

    Rs. 2,600.00 Sold Out
  • Mya Chikita

    Mya Chikita

    MYA ChikitaMYA take pride in creating something unique and the joy of owning something unique. Just like this Chikita – a compact hookah. It is a very unique hookah with a base made of frosted glass in solid colours and a black matte brass stem which gives it a perfect finishing. It stands at 11 inches which is a moderate height and makes it fit everywhere. You can get it in 9 colours – Dark Blue, Amber, Dark Aqua, Grey, Light Purple, Off-White, Olive Green, Red and Sky Blue with a matching pipe and chillum. It also consists of tong, steel plate and grommets.  

    Rs. 2,300.00 Sold Out
  • Cube Hard Acrylic Hookah

    Cube Hard Acrylic Hookah

    Cube hard acrylic hookahCube shape is it? Yeah, you heard that right… it has a cube acrylic base made of unbreakable Plexiglas with an LED light. The LED makes it dreamy. It will stand tall and distinguished in your party or home.It also consists of remote control for the LED, tongs, matching pipe and plate, silicon bowl/chillum, glass plate/ashtray and grommets. It is known to make flavours go longer than usual. Try our cube hard acrylic hookah for some smooth smoking today.  

    Rs. 4,500.00 Sold Out


    Narguile acrylic hookah (c shape)Narguile has a very queer and distinguished C shape acrylic base in clear colour. It will light up the room from its LED lights. The package also consists of remote, tongs and a silicon chillum. It’s dimensions are (L x W x H): 25.4 cm x 11.43 cm x 41.91 cmTry Narguile Acrylic Hookah and make a statement. 

    Rs. 2,800.00 Sold Out
  • Chillum Jali 3.5mm

    Chillum Jali 3.5mm

    Hookah Jali 3.5 Material : Metal Use Of Product : For Keeping it above chillum (No foil paper Required)

    Rs. 380.00 Sold Out
  • MYA Mikro Silver 9 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA Mikro Silver 9 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA mikro silver 9 inch glass hookahMya Mikro (1 hose) is 9” tall with a contemporary stem and bowl. The base is made of solid glass giving it just the right look. The burner/bowl has a rotating screen attached to it which eliminates the task of shifting coal for better burning.

    Rs. 2,600.00 Sold Out
  • MYA Fedora 14 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA Fedora 14 Inch Glass Hookah

    Mya fedora 14 inch glass hookahIt is 14 inches tall with all its might. It has a designer solid colour glass base with a fancy chromed brass stem and a matching plate and a complementing green coloured bowl/chillum, tongs and of course a matching pipe to give it a perfect look.It comes in varied colours like Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Amber, Dark Aqua, Pink, Grey, Olive Green and Light Purple

    Rs. 2,550.00 Sold Out
  • MYA Minionette 8 Inch Small Glass Hookah

    MYA Minionette 8 Inch Small Glass Hookah

    Mya minionette 8 inch small glass hookah It is hard to imagine that such a Minionette standing just at 8″ can do wonders. It is popular amongst travellers and has a solid colour designer glass base, aluminium stem, plate and tongs. On top of it all, it comes with a matching leather pipe and bowl. It has a divot on the downstem which enables a smoother pull.Minionette is like a little sister to another Hookah by Mya in this range – The Minion.

    Rs. 2,000.00 Sold Out


    Diamond acrylic hookah with LEDGiving a definition to elegance and class, we present to you diamond acrylic hookah with LED lights. It has remote controlled LED lights, definitely a party attractor. This package consists of:Aluminium stem, transparent acrylic base, plate, tongs, matching pipe, remote control, silicon chillum and grommets

    Rs. 2,900.00 Sold Out
  • MYA Gelato 13 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA Gelato 13 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA gelato 13 inch glass hookah   This 13-inch tall Gelato Hookah is no ordinary. It is available in so many colours as Sky Blue, Olive Green, Amber, Grey, Dark Blue, Light Purple, Green and Pink. This package consists of:Aluminium stem, thick glass hookah base, plate, tongs, bowl, wooden tip pipe and grommets

    Rs. 2,050.00 Sold Out
  • MYA Econo Qt 12 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA Econo Qt 12 Inch Glass Hookah

    MYA econo QT 12 inch glass hookahAn upgrade to Mya QT, Econo QT is more economical, has a beautiful design with a 12-inch pipe and is available in many colours. This package consists of:Aluminium stem, small hookah base, bowl, wooden tip pipe, grommets and tray 

    Rs. 2,000.00 Sold Out
  • Hookah Chillum Rubber Pack of 5

    Hookah Chillum Rubber Pack of 5

    Hookah hose grommets go on the end of your hookah hose and fit in the hose adapter of your hookah. These ensure an air-tight seal and also prevent the hookah hose from falling out while smoking. We carry several styles and sizes to fit all hookah models! Pick some up if your current hose grommets have become worn or torn, or simply wish to have some spares on hand for such an occasion.

    Rs. 120.00 Sold Out
  • Original MYA steel pipe

    Original MYA steel pipe

    Original MYA steel pipe:Get this fancy authentic hookah pipe with a wooden tip by MYA. It is covered with colourful leather and has a comfortable grip. 

    Rs. 450.00 Sold Out
  • GOLU Acrylic Hookah with LED

    GOLU Acrylic Hookah with LED

    Golu acrylic hookah with led Get the swag of LED lights in your hookah in a very compact size. This package consists of:Aluminium stem, transparent acrylic base, plate, tongs, matching pipe, remote control LED and grommets

    Rs. 2,900.00 Sold Out
  • Hookah Pipe Rubber ( Pack of 5 )

    Hookah Pipe Rubber ( Pack of 5 )

    Hookah bowl grommets secure the hookah bowl to the top stem of your hookah and ensure a sturdy, air-tight seal. Fit all hookah.

    Rs. 70.00 Sold Out
  • Cocoyaya Coconut Coal 500Gm

    Cocoyaya Coconut Coal 500Gm

    100% Natural Made From Coconut Shell Very Low Ash Deposits Maintains Solidity For Longer Lasting Burn The Sparkless Odourless Smokeless Heat To The Ideal Temperature For Molasses To Avoid The Burning Taste No Tress Were Cut To Make This Prodcut Weight : 500 Gm Size of the Cube : 25x25x25

    Rs. 450.00 Sold Out