Guff n Puff Maxx Mint (4500 Puff)

Guff n Puff Maxx Mint (4500 Puff)


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Experience the crisp and invigorating taste of pure Mint with our Guff N Puff 4500 Puff Vape. With every puff, you'll be enveloped in a wave of soothing coolness, reminiscent of a fresh breeze on a sunny day. The natural and refreshing essence of mint will leave your senses tingling and your soul rejuvenated, making it a perfect choice for those looking to unwind and relax.

Guff n Puff Features :

Flavor:  Mint

Capacity- 15 ml

Nicotine Strength- 5%

Puffs- 4500

Battery - 1000mAh